About me

Rev Michael Long

My story, as my father would say is a ‘long’ one, and far from being over.  I went through many dark years full of anger, anxiety, fear and depression.  Gratefully, I was taught about love that sustained me through my shadowy past.  This is why I’ve been led to help others find their happiness within themselves.  We are all growing, though we are all at different levels–the gifts I’m sharing are innate in all of us-all of our potentialities are.

I was a business analyst with Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting), a past board member of the Canadian Information Processing Society.  I have a Social Services Worker diploma from Humber College and a B.A. in Information Technology Management from Ryerson.  Over the last 24 years I have helped facilitate group-work therapy sessions with S.W.I.F.T. (Strength to Walk in Freedom Together support groups-and have helped start up 3 of the 4 locations we had running. I’m very proud of Maurice Bloch the director and the work they do in the groups. It is an amazing process that helps you empower yourself, while learning from helping empowering others. I see it as a template that all support groups should follow-offering the warm-fuzzies/support but most importantly the reality checks given by digging into the roots of our issues and encouraging a swift kick to help us move on.

I’ve been inspired to help bring my listening skills and ability to help challenge others to grow on an individual level. I’ve reconnected with my old self – my forgotten spirit of my youth, that used to provide healings to others in the form of praying in tongues (back when I was affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and a branch of it called the Charasmatics). I have since discovered that this type of energy/healing work are the principles behind Quantum Touch, and Reiki which I am also a certified Reiki Master–the real healing is done by you, I only act as a catalyst to help you activate your own ability to heal yourself…of course with love.

Influences of mine have been from my Catholic upbringing teaching me the message of love and compassion, helping and healing others, and assisting them in finding peace within from the perspective of a ‘Christ consciousness’ which we all possess. Taoism-which has enlightened me in finding acceptance of an essence behind everything that we can tap into without forcing things.  Buddhism which has taught me a methodology of living through the eightfold-path.  Being introduced to Kundalini Yoga-‘the yoga of awareness’-a powerful form of yoga which helps unite our energies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-gratefully I was led to become a teacher of it.  I was also led to become a Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.  Minister means, coming from Latin: servant, and Reverend comes from revere-I appreciate the idea of helping others learn how to revere themselves & others…And I’ve mostly been influenced by Love-the precursor to them all.

With Light & Love we can work with each other to help reconnect you with your own light

I look forward to working together with you
Light & Love to you & yours, in La’Kesh
~Sat Nam
Rev. Michael Long