healing from Within


“Your Task Is Not To Seek For Love, But Merely To Seek And Find All The Barriers Within Yourself That You Have Built Against It” ~Rumi

Welcome! & Sat Nam!

Sat = True/Truth  Nam=Name/Identity

Your True Identity is that you are a part of everything!

Cheers to coming here to remember!

If you believe in God-God being omnipotent, is also omnipresent-so there is nowhere where God cannot be found, we are swimming in it’s essence-the Holy Spirit if you will.  If you believe in science-we are swimming in consciousness…either way…

You Are Divine! (of the nature of) and have been given an amazing gift to choose how your story goes after coming to awareness. Wahe Guru!

(Guru: Gu=darkness Ru=light, the bringer from darkness to light Wahe: Waa=Infinite Hay=Thou…combined means Woohoo! from the indescribable ecstasy that comes from the wisdom of looking within)  
There is no better time than now to start making changes on loving yourself more. I’d like to encourage you to drop old conditioned beliefs. We have been conditioned to forget that we are spirits having a human experience-to remember that we are spirits first, then mind/body. These barriers have prevented us from believing in our own power to change our lives.
This life journey is an incredible gift that entails a gamut of emotions and experiences: anger, resentment, jealousies, loss, it is full of joys and pains as well as love and fear. We were gifted with a story bad or good…with a deeper sense of self-awareness we can unblock the barriers preventing us from living a life of profound joy which you deserve.  To remember you have the power to change your mind, to change your limiting beliefs-to change your story to one of your choosing.
Most of us don’t give ourselves the time we deserve to stop the mind chatter, to listen to our inner-selves. In order for us to grow in a positive manner we must open ourselves up to our shadows–to shed light on our past experiences that we cling to, like self-defense mechanisms that helped us to survive extreme traumas-which no longer serve us; and even extremely joyful experiences that we dwell on and miss. This process involves feeling-feelings that we’ve denied expressing, it includes the process of forgiving-as holding on to resentments is a poison that depletes our energies from appreciating the present.
It is time for us to reveal our true selves. To get in touch with our true essence which is beyond our conditioned patterns of behaving-which includes our thoughts.
Love Allways
“The Light Of The Body Is The Eye: If Therefore Thine Eye Be Single, Thy Whole Body Shall Be Full Of Light”~Jesus
“Be A Light Unto Yourself” ~Buddha
“Seeing Into Darkness Is Clarity.
Knowing How To Yield Is Strength.
Use Your Own Light And Return To The Source Of Light.
This Is Called Practicing Eternity.”~Lao Tzu