What My Clients​​ Say about Me

“I had an online healing session with Michael and found that I felt more love blossom forth from me for myself and others during the day. I found i could see things more clearly and did not let things bother me to the point that had happened before. Michael is a gifted healer and I recommend anyone to work with him. In addition, he was very easy to talk with and overall made the process comfortable — even in the discomfort of the issues discussed where healing was needed. Thank you,”Michael, for allowing the Divine to work through you in such a mighty way. I appreciate you and the work you did to help me.”
Angela Underwood
Thank u, brother Michael Love Long! not only did u answer my call to the Universe for some Divine Intervention, u were most generous with yur time and yur gifts! u provided me a much-needed “Venus Talk” space where u were very present and attentive as u listened to my woes. yur energy work was sweet and gentle, but also powerful, as it culminated in an explosion from my navel of warm, golden light that surrounded me in a large oval of joyful love and peace. the sounds u express felt so familiar and i found my own throat bubbling with sound also. Thank u for calling me more into my truest nature, Michael!"
Sofree Roots
“Michael is a tremendously gifted and heart-centered healer. I am eternally grateful the healing and compassion he offered when I needed it most, and I am blessed to have his continuing support. With the help of several sessions with Michael, I was able heal an emotional trauma and arrive at a place of acceptance and peace in my heart. Thank you Michael and I look forward to future sessions.”
Hala Zab
“Hello Michael! I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart for the incredibly powerful and profoundly moving session you had with me this week. I found the experience absolutely groundbreaking and it shifted so much that I really wanted (some of which I was not even aware of on a conscious level until we began) to have shift and release from my life and energy systems. You are an extremely talented, wise and gifted healer. It makes perfect sense, Love is hands down the most powerful force in the whole Universe. It is the only thing that endures, the only thing that really matters. Thank you so much, I feel free now to move ahead and fully attain and live my dreams! I would strongly recommend your healings to anyone even remotely interested in pursuing a spiritual path!"
Anja Sagan
AOCA, BA Hons, Student of Shamanic Healing
“My session with Michael was one of the best sessions I have ever experienced! I felt that whatever was holding me back was lovingly being released. after the session my life shifted, and I was left feeling confident, excited, energised, and optimistic about all the great things that I knew were going to happen in my life. Michael was so gentle and loving during the process and that realy helps to allow you to experience the maximum benefits of the session. I would recomend him to anyone wanting to make a change in their lives, thanks again.
Tarek Bibi
“Michael is a True Healer. I am confident that the Light and Love he channeled was so much brighter than any of the many traditional energetic healing modalities I have experienced prior. Surrendering to such an expansive infusion of gentle yet profound energy was a first for me. And I can joyously report that I have absolutely no idea how Michael did it, how he created a space that allowed me to tangibly release a gigantic ball of that which no longer served me down the left side of my body into the earth, leaving me in a state of perfect peace, my smile seemingly stretching across the universe. If you are interested in co-creating a deeply clearing, inspiringly genuine, and ultimately invigorating experience, please spend time with the Gift that is Michael and be fiercely grateful like me!”
Ashleigh Larratt